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When we say you can find all the metal roofing and metal siding parts you need, we genuinely mean it. By offering a wide range of products and accessories, we aim to save you valuable time and provide a hassle-free ordering experience.


Metal Specialist is a leading distributor of coated metal products and standing seam metal roof & wall systems. Our specialization is in supplying painted metal, Galvalume® and aluminum for homeowners and contractors with a focus on architectural applications.

Clipless Standing Seam Metal Roofing Panel

Nail-Strip Panel

Available in 1" and 1 1/2"

Nail strip roofing panels are a snap lock system that uses screws and does not have clips. The male flange has one inch slots that are spaced 6 inches apart and fastened directly to the roof deck.
Snap Lock Standing Seam Metal Roofing Panel

Snap Lock Panel

Available in 1" and 1 1/2"

This type of standing seam panel is the best all-around solution when you consider the performance of the panel, cost, and ease of installation.
Mechanically Seam Standing Seam Metal Roofing Panel

Mechanical seamed panel

Available in 1"
This is the most weather-tight style of standing seam metal roofing. It's ideal for very low sloped roofs with a pitch as low as 3":12
Master Rib Roof Panel


Introducing our best-selling panel, an exceptional option for projects requiring panels to extend between supports. With its impressive ability to span larger distances and bear heavier loads, this panel is an ideal choice. Particularly suited for jobs involving metal purlins, it guarantees optimal performance.


If you are seeking the finest overall value, PBR panels would be an ideal choice as they boast strength, durability, and a contemporary look. These panels offer all the advantages of metal roofing and siding, while being more affordable.


Corrugated roofing panels offer a timeless yet contemporary appearance with their deep and wavy "S" shaped corrugations imparting a striking aesthetic and creating a captivating shadow-like effect.
Metal Roofing Accessories


We offer a wide range of products including metal purlins, trim and flashings, roofing underlayment, galvanized square tube, fasteners, foam closures, pipe flashings, sealant, and many other items.
Metal Roofing Pipe-Boots


Our extensive selection of pipe flashings includes both square and round options. Explore our collection and make a purchase today.
Trim and Flashings


We offer a range of trim and flashings for various types of metal roofing and wall panels, such as corrugated, R Panel, standing seam, flush wall panels, and more.
Commercial Gutter System

Commercial gutters

The Style A Box gutter is the prevailing choice of gutter system for commercial projects.


Are you seeking to enhance the visual appeal of your building by highlighting your metal fascia, soffit, or wall panels? T-Panel offers bold and sleek directional sight lines that will create a stunning look for your house.
Board and Batten Wall Panel

Board & Batten Wall PANEL

This innovative metal board and batten profile offers panels that excel in durability, require minimal upkeep, promote sustainability, and boast appealing aesthetics.

MEtal coils & flat sheets

Metal coil is available in widths of 16", 20", 24". Pick up or delivery is available on standard size steel coils. If you need custom widths or need the coil split to a lesser weight that can also be done.

T- Panel

The T panel is our most versatile panel that can be installed for wall, soffit, fascia, and screen wall applications. The panel is secured with concealed fasteners and does not require clips. The Flush Seam panel can be manufactured in a vented or smooth profile.

Red Prime Painted Metal Purlins

We offer red prime painted metal cee and zee purlins that can be shipped immediately. Our inventory includes a wide range of purlin sizes and lengths. Feel free to contact us today to request a quote.


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